Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Skeptics and Scientists

Scientists from all over the world have debunked intelligent design and Behe’s concept of irreducible complexity, citing numerous lines of evidence depicting the evolution of complex systems like the eye from simpler ones throughout various species over billions of years. They also cite the fact that the theory doesn’t provide for any way to experimentally test it nor does it make any predictions—two necessary components...
of the scientific method. It is a return to creationism cloaked in a scientific sounding name. An argument against these objections is that various theories in physics, such as string theory and the existence of multiple universes, also provide no way of testing them yet are still considered valid scientific theories.

Each side has valid points, but what would the agnostic scientist do if confronted with evidence of the Designer's existence?

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  1. Irreducible Complexity (IC) is doing quite nicely, thank you. The transfer of recorded information from the genome (a material requirement which must precede the function of Darwinian evolution) requires an IC system in order to operate.



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