Thursday, February 14, 2013

Blogs On Evolution and Intelligent Design

The controversy between evolution and intelligent design is continuing in full force, as evidenced by the number of blogs on the subject. Here is an incomplete list:

Academic Freedom Blog
Brains on Purpose
The British Centre for Science Education: Revealed
Darwinian Fundamentalism
Darwin’s God
Desafiando a Nomenklatura Científica
The Design of Life Blog
Design Paradigm
Doubting Darwin
Evolution Minute
Evolution News & Views
ID The Future
The ID Update
Intelligently Sequenced
Mindful Hack
Overwhelming Evidence
The Procrustean
Reasonable Kansans
The Skeptical Zone
Sequenced by Design
Telic Thoughts
Truth in Science News Blog
Uncommon Descent
The White Path

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  1. I feel the best argument against Darwinism is that it is incomplete. The ancient Mind/Body problem is not adequately dealt with. How does self-consciousness arrise evolutionarily? What is the mechanism of mind/body interaction? Se the work of
    Thomas Nagel, a proper NYU Professor of Philosophy and esp his old article about"What Is It Like To Be A Bat," nfrom the '70s.


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